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The first time we took our son, Léon to The Little Gym, Oliwia cried all the way home. Léon was eight months old at the time. Oliwia’s tears were from joy and a little sadness.

She was happy from spending an incredible hour bonding with Léon in the gym. And disappointed because she felt like we’d missed out by not joining classes with our son sooner.

We first visited The Little Gym in Harrogate, UK, during a trip to Graham’s parents. It was warm, welcoming, bright, high quality, professional... and so much fun! We smiled so much that our cheeks hurt.

We fell in love with The Little Gym after that first visit, and we took Léon back every time we visited Graham’s parents….and still do.

After more than 20 years working as a civil engineer and developer, Graham had been made redundant. We were looking for the ‘What’s next?’ in our lives.

We knew that whatever we did, we wanted to do it together, as a family. And having a child had affected us profoundly. We wanted to do something that helped new parents, that could make a difference to other children, and help other families.

With almost perfect timing, we got an email from The Little Gym Harrogate. The Little Gym Europe was looking for passionate people to open gyms in Europe. We thought ‘This is perfect!’.

In November 2012, we opened The Little Gym Krakow. Today, 400 children crawl, run, cartwheel and somersault around our gym each week.

We’ve made it our mission to make every child in our gym feel welcome, loved, nurtured and happy.

We strive to build children’s physical strength and motor skills, improve their balance and coordination, develop social skills and teamwork, and give them the courage to try new things.

We also give parents a warm, welcoming and positive place to bond with their children. The chance to shut out the rest of the world for that precious time in the week. A chance to explore together, laugh and see what their children are truly capable of.

We see children arrive in our gym timid and shy, struggling to adapt to preschool or to make friends. And in just a couple of months, we see them blossom like flowers in our positive and accepting environment.

Children that can’t engage and pay attention suddenly start participating, engaging with our instructors and the children around them, listening, and learning to focus.

And parents tell us they turn around to find their children walking on fences, swinging confidently on bars in the park, and doing adventurous things they never imagined possible.

We even hear of grandparents telling their children what a difference ‘those classes’ are making to their grandchildren – an opportunity their own children never had.

And we’re certainly not going to argue with the grandparents!

We consider ourselves so lucky to have stumbled across The Little Gym. And we consider it our duty and an incredible privilege to share that experience with the children and families of Krakow.

Oliwia and Graham
Owners – The Little Gym Krakow