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Half-Day / Full-Day Summer Camps Starting (3-10 years)


13 - 17.08.2018 - Jungle Mania


20 - 24.08.2018 - Pirates, Mermaids & Sea Adventures




Every morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday, trained instructors provide wonderful, themed adventures for your children combining games and activities inside our purpose-built gym, arts and crafts.





About The Little Gym®

The Little Gym® provides the world’s leading gymnastics based development programme for children from the age of 4 months to 12 years. Years of experience, a mountain of research and many, many happy children have shaped our approach. We’ve learned that progressive teaching of skills in a non-competitive environment is the most effective way to build confidence and the physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills children need in today’s world.

For every stage of a child’s early life The Little Gym® provides a progressive development programme filled with movement, music, learning and fun. Each age-appropriate curriculum builds upon the previous one. Children progress at their own pace, developing their confidence as they develop their skills.


The Little Gym® Krakow is one of over 300 The Little Gym® locations in 21 countries around the world.


We are looking for

CHILDREN’S GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTORS based in Kraków (10 - 30 hours per week)


Applicants ideally should be

Trained in gymnastics, experienced in teaching gymnastics, experienced in teaching young children, qualified in PE or child development, happy, caring, enthusiastic, engaging, confident and at ease with children and adults, a devoted team member, dedicated to work with children in a non-competitive and fun environment, customer relations and service focused and fluent in reading and speaking English as well as Polish.


We offer

SERIOUS FUN in full and part-time instructor positions in a brand new, spacious, bright and colorful facility, part of an international network.  Excellent employment packages with training programmes and progression opportunities and possibility to travel to other The Little Gym® locations.



Get Moving with your Bugs! - Infants (4-10 months)


We know what you’re thinking: My baby can’t even crawl yet, so why should we go to a gym? Well, there’s a lot going on inside those tiny heads. Everything that’s absorbed at this age lays the groundwork for overall functional development. The Learning Units of our proven curriculum are designed to help build the skills needed as children become mobile. And while your child discovers new movements, colors, and sounds with fascination and joy, you’ll discover new smile muscles you never knew you had.



Get Moving with your Bugs! - Infants (4-10 months)

At this age, the average infant has an awareness of their environment: noises, music, people, etc. Their brain is developing at an extremely fast rate, taking in and processing massive amounts of information. Children at this age first learn how to roll from the back to tummy and begin pushing their chest from the ground (4 -6 months), try to crawl (7 -9 months), and enter the pre-walking phase (10- 12 months). Alongside these developmental milestones, infants attempt fine motor movements such as reaching and grasping for objects, waving and clapping.


• Group activities introduce children to each other and adults.

• Activities set to music introduce rhythm, body awareness, language, and number concepts.

• Parent/child exercises promote core body strength (torso, arms, legs) and prepare children for crawling and walking.

• Modified, developmentally appropriate gymnastics activities develop strength, body and spatial awareness and balance.

• Ball and bubble activities facilitate hand eye coordination.



A time to reflect...and to give thanks!

20180629_184832_Film1-02 (3)

As we close the 2017/18 Season and Priority Enrolment for another year it is a time for us to reflect.

It's hard to believe how many families who have already reserved classes for next season have been coming to The Little Gym since we opened in Krakow (This is our 6th year). We are honoured and overwhelmed by your incredible support! Thank you for your trust and commitment to get to The Little Gym each week for the benefit of your children.

The opportunity to participate in your lives, to observe and support the development of your children, to watch your families grow and change is a great honour for us and we are most thankful of the privilege of becoming dear friends with many of you over time.

We also thank those families who have been with us for a shorter time and have decided to continue classes too. We are equally fond and proud of all children attending The Little Gym and will do everything we can to make their journey with us as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.

Until we see you next, we wish you all a fantastic summer filled with joy, rest and magical moments.

Oliwia and Graham Reece

Summer Camps at The Little Gym Krakow (3-10 Years)


In August we are offering two weeks of Adventure Camps held at The Little Gym Krakow from 13th to 24th. Using a different, fun theme each day, our expert instructors will engage the children in carefully planned physical and creative activities in our colourful, safe and stimulating environment.

Each day will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions and, for those who need it, children can stay the whole day. There will also be breakfast and lunch clubs before and between camps for those children being dropped off early (from 8.30am) or for those staying the whole day, and parents will be able to pick-up until 5pm.

Flexible options allow you to pay for individual half-days, full days or for multiple days with greater discounts available. However, places are limited, therefore please reserve your place in advance as soon as possible. Bookings are now being taken in the gym or via email:, telephone: 12 264 9401 or 501 879 724 and on our website: /camps

The Little Gym holiday camps are awesome, come rain or shine!

Agreement to receive information from The Little Gym Krakow


As we reach the end of our 2017/18 Season we would love to stay in touch with you all. You can opt-in quickly and easily to receive information directly from The Little Gym Krakow about holiday activities for the kids this Summer or about birthday parties or about classes next Season. It won´t take a minute and we guarantee not to pass your information to any third parties.

Agreement to receive information from The Little Gym Krakow

2018/19 Season: Early-bird Enrolment Offer


Enroll early for next season and get a 10% discount. Offer ends 1 st July 2018. No advance payments necessary.

The Incredible Kids of The Little Gym

P1150252 (2)

Congratulations to all children attending classes at The Little Gym Krakow this season…you have been awesome!!! If your child couldn´t attend their Show Week class last week, please collect their medal and certificate from Front Desk next time you are at the gym.

Summer Parent-Child Classes 2018


Dear Parents,

Thank you for the incredibly positive response we received about Summer Parent-Child classes. We have finalised the schedule and will run classes on Wednesday and Saturday mornings during our Summer Season, which starts on 9th July and finishes on 26th August. Details of the classes are HERE and these can now be purchased at The Little Gym or by bank transfer.

(Please note that there will be no classes on Wednesday 15th August for the public holiday)



For the new Season 2018/19 The Little Gym Krakow will have a brand-new equipment pack called the Tidbit Playland. The versatility of the TBPL will complement our already incredible curriculum by enhancing and expanding the learning opportunities and experiences for our students and families! And although the look and name of the TBPL may imply that it is only for Parent/Child and Pre/K kids, there are a multitude of uses for creating skill progressions and conditioning activity challenges for our Grade School kids, too! The TBPL will enhance ALL OF OUR PROGRAMMES! Not only does it provide totally new activities and challenges, its bright unique colors and shapes will lend a new, fresh and fun look to our gym environment! We tested the new equipment pack at the European Curriculum Training Workshop in London back in April and we are sure the children are going to love it! 

Celebration Show Week 2017-2018


During the coming Show Week (18-24 June) the children will showcase to parents, siblings, grandparents instructors and classmates some of the skills they have acquired during their time at The Little Gym and receive a certificate and medal in recognition of their efforts.


As with everything at The Little Gym, this is organised in a non-competitive and supportive way so that the children enjoy the experience and feel proud of their achievements.


For the maximum benefit of the children please attend your regular class during Show Week and, if for some reason, you cannot, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can recommend any alternative class that week or to arrange a presentation of the medal and certificate at another time.


To comply with the new laws on data protection introduced on May 25th, it is now required to ask parents to consent to photographs being taken during the Celebration. The Consent Form will be available at Front Desk before each class, therefore, please arrive early to complete this. No photographs will be publishable without all parents consenting in each class.


It´s been a year full of success at The Little Gym and we can´t wait to welcome you to enjoy the celebration with your child during Show Week.

Who´s ready for a TLG Teddy?!


Adorable cuddly TLG teddies are waiting for all children enrolling for next Season during Priority Enrolment




The exclusive member offer is HERE

The 2018/19 Class Schedule is HERE


LIMITED SPACES in every class!


Don't delay, BOOK TODAY!


OFFER ENDS 17.06.2018

Early-Bird Priority Enrolment 2018/19 Season



We've been having a fantastic time at The Little Gym Krakow, seeing over 500 children progress in confidence and skills since September. It has been amazing to be a part of their childhood journeys and we hope the children will continue their growth and learning with The Little Gym again next Season. 

We will be starting Early-Bird Priority Enrolment on Friday 1st June 2018 - Sunday 17th June 2018, when CURRENT MEMBERS will have a one-time opportunity to book their favourite class for next Season and take advantage of incredible early-bird discounts. 

As demand for places in the most popular classes increases year-on-year, only current members of The Little Gym Krakow will be eligible to participate in Early-Bird Priority Enrolment. After the End-of-Season Show Week, which this year is from 18th to 24thJune we will open the enrolment to all other families. A current membership plus a booking fee of 100 zł is all that is required to reserve a place for your child during Priority Enrolment, with no further payments required until September, so don´t miss this once-per-year opportunity.

Click here to view our preliminary class schedule for next Season and note below the discounts on offer.

Graham & Oliwia
The Little Gym Krakow


1 Payment - 25% Discount
2 Instalments - 20% Discount
10 Instalments - 15% Discount

Plus 20% and 40% discounts are available for siblings




In the 10 weeks leading up to Show Week we will be using the Pre-K and Grade School Practice Time classes each week to assist the children to practice the skills and routines they will be performing for you in our end-of-Season celebrations. We encourage you to bring your child to these Practice Time classes whenever possible. Places can be reserved by sending an email or SMS the day before each class, or on the day. We will respond only if a place is not available.

The schedule of Practice Time classes is as follows:

Tuesdays 1600-1645 – Intermediate/Advanced Grade School (6-12 years)

Wednesdays 1600-1645 – Good Friends/Beginner Grade School (5-8 years)

Thursdays (1600-1630) – Beasts/Super Beasts (19-36 months)

Fridays (1615-1700) – Funny Bugs & Giggle Worms (3 & 4 years)

Don´t worry if you cannot get to the Practice Time classes, we will be preparing the children for Show Week in their regular classes as well. Also, if you do have any make-up classes please use these as soon as possible to further help your child to prepare.

Happy Handstands!!!



We have had a rush on birthday party bookings as parents have clearly been getting organised during the long winter evenings.

March has been booked for a while and spaces after Easter for April, May and June are filling up. If you know when you are wanting to have a party, we recommend booking it early to avoid disappointment.

For further information check out our WEBSITE or download our BROCHURE.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and you can call us on 12 264 9401 or 501 879 724, or if it is easier you can email us at

The Little Gym Krakow Team

Key Dates March-July 2018


We are busy preparing for the rest of the Season at The Little Gym Krakow a​nd thought you might like a list of key dates to stick on your fridge door!
Lots to look forward to!
Happy Handstands!!


Happy Christmas!!!!

Happy Christmas

We wish all of our friends, both big and small a wonderful, joyous Christmastime filled with love, peace....and lots and lots of FUN!


Your The Little Gym Team


The Little Gym Krakow re-opens for a brand new year of Serious Fun on 2nd January 2018.

Around the world with Father Christmas


18-23 December

For the final week of classes before the holidays The Little Gym Krakow will become a Winter Wonderland for the children to especially enjoy.

The regular timetable of classes applies and we welcome parents as well as children to wear costumes or accessories to add to the festive fun!

The Little Gym Krakow is closed from 24th December to 1st January.
Therefore, if your regular class falls on 24th December, or you are unable to attend your regular class, please contact us to arrange to attend another Christmas costume class.

It's not too late to join the Serious Fun!

Not too late

It’s not too late to join The Little Gym Krakow for the 2017/18 Season, we still have some spaces available in our gymnastics-based, learning classes for children aged between 4 months and 12 years (Classes given in English and Polish)

To arrange a FREE Introductory visit or to reserve one of the spaces use the contact forms below:

Intoductory Visit Form

Message Form

Construction Site

Construction Site

We have a brand-new Learning Unit starting this week when the gym will be transformed into a construction site for the PK children (3-5years) to ‘Think About It & Move About It’; for the Parent-Child children (4m – 36m) to learn about and practice ‘Direction Connections’; and for the Grade School children (6-12years) to ‘Power Up and Power Down’ their gymnastics skills…. a super follow-up to the Halloween fun.

Baby’s First Halloween at The Little Gym!

First Halloween

Dear Parents,

We have decided to create a special Happy Halloween class for Bugs (4-9month-olds) ​so they don't miss out on the fun this week and would like to invite any of our members with a Bug to that special class​ on Thursday​ 2nd November at 2pm, even if you are not yet enrolled in the Bugs programme.


All manner of happy creatures and, age-appropriate, fun activities will be making their first Halloween magical for the Bugs. If you have a child between 4-9 months-old please join us in dressing up to make it an extra-special occasion and any fancy dress or costume will do.


Please let us know if you can come and we can’t wait to see you with your cuties!

Happy Halloween!

Convention The Little Gym 2017


The Little Gym Europe has organised in October 2017 its biennial convention held at Phantasialand (Germany) where the European network of The Little Gym Franchise Owners had a chance to meet up and network. 

This year’s convention “Springboard to your Success” focused on making ​the franchisee's business grow in a changing world.


A massive congratulations to all of our award winners, but especially owner Kate from The Little Gym Harrogate & Leeds who won the franchisee of the year award.




Franchisee of the year​

Kate Henebury
The Little Gym Harrogate and The Little Gym Leeds​
Read more about Kate's story.


Ambassador to the network

​Peter Paul​ van Reenen
The Little Gym Amsterdam and The Little Gym Den Haag
Read more on Peter-Paul's journey.


From Bugs to Jets

Vivian​ Verstraelen
Gym Director at The Little Gym Den Haag. 
Read more about Vivian. 


Growth from within​

Pierre​ Follebouckt
The Little Gym Uccle, The Little Gym Wavre & The Little Gym Wezembeek
Read more about Pierre.


Full steam ahea​​d​

Martin​ Petrov
The Little Gym Sofia
Read more about Martin.



Between Monday 30th October and Sunday 5th November The Little Gym Krakow will be infested by ghouls, goblins, ghosts and gremlins as we replace our regular curriculum with FREAKISHLY FUN HALLOWEEN CLASSES! All manner of creatures and, age-appropriate, fun activities will be making this Halloween magical. Parents and children, please join us in dressing up for your regular classes and any fancy dress or costume will do.


All class times remain the same, except for Wednesday classes, when The Little Gym Krakow is closed for the national holiday. If your regular class is Wednesday, or you can’t make it to your regular class during Halloween week, please contact us to arrange a make-up class on another day.

Finally, please note that there are no Practice Time sessions during Halloween week and these will resume on 7th November.


Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday to The Little Gym Krakow!!!

5 year birthday

Thank you to The Little Gym Europe and to all of our families, friends and teams, past and present, for helping us to create a very special place for young children and in reaching this wonderful milestone. We look forward with just as much passion to many more years of Serious Fun to come!

Oliwia and Graham


Did you know that for over 40 years The Little Gym International has written and recorded music for all of our programmes?! Each age group for each week of the season has a unique playlist with directive music focusing on physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning and background music making classes fun and stimulating.
The directive music is recorded in English so children also benefit from foreign language learning at The Little Gym if English is not their mother language.
Overall The Little Gym music stimulates imagination, movement and learning in every child.